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We start with industry standards

While some organizations simply align to industry baselines for their cyber security, we use industry respected standards like System and Organizational Controls (SOC 2®) as a starting point and build from there. To obtain a copy of our SOC report, please send your request to For more information regarding SOC reporting and its standard, please go to the AICPA's (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) website.

We enable multi-layer protection.

We employ multiple countermeasures to establish layers of protection between threat actors and our information assets. If one line of defense is compromised, additional layers exist to ensure that threats are stopped along the way. Things like firewalls, email security and antivirus are just a few of the layers in place to protect our valuable data.

We define systems access to In-scope and limited access authority.

We enforce stringent access control, granting the bare minimum access to information and systems, and only on a need-to-know basis. People, systems, and processes are all strictly limited in what can be seen or done. By limiting access, we limit risk.

We empower our employees with cyber training.

We empower employees with the knowledge and training to handle cyber threats. We use tools like online training and regular simulated phishing campaigns to ensure the entire team is not only educated but knows how to practically apply what they've learned to real-life scenarios. By maintaining a relevant, aggressive awareness program we maintain a cyber aware culture where information security is everyone's responsibility.

We adhere to rigorous compliance requirements.

We adhere to the rigorous compliance requirements and are subject to continuous internal and external examinations by qualified third parties. These examinations include internal and external penetration tests as well as regular vulnerability scanning.

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